Yin & Yang – THe Recipe of Divine Synchronicity

The purpose of this work

The intention is to help those who are reading it to come back in synchronicity with the universe.

We will look into why it is crucial to comprehend the concept of synchronicity, and how it’s directly related to the harmonious application of Yin and Yang qualities in our day to day service.


We can start by defining the basic axioms – Yin and Yang are the exaggerated extremes of the expression of the same thing, we can call it Dao, God, Brahman, The Source. 

The Source is the Emptiness, Voidness, holding the potential to burst into the infinite Fullness, Vastness.

To create that infinite range of all that can be born, Two is both enough and necessary. 

Thus, for the sake of pure purpose of Creation – the sacred Sexuality, the the One manifested Itself as Two, we point to them by the names Yin and Yang.

Together they represent the manifested form of God.

The Two beget all that is, of behalf of the creative intelligence of the One, endowing the qualities of the Two to all which is born, to harmonise the world in accordance with Its sacred, divine intention, the comprehension of which is beyond the capacity of an ordinary state of mind. 

The range of the expression produced by their divine interplay is truly endless, therefore by definition it does not hold a linear beginning and an ending. The names Yin and Yang are merely pointing to the direction and not concrete points on the axis. In mathematical terms they are negative and positive Infinities respectively.

Therefore all creation that reaches towards either of these two directions will never reach it, thus, it cannot be considered Yin or Yang in its totality – this is what the famous Taoism symbol Taijitu represents.

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