Tantra – Turn your sexual Energy into Art

Tantra is any sort of practice that sparks an Energetic Alchemy between the practitioners. 

Alchemy that sublimates the energy from the lower chakras into the higher chakras.
It transmutes this raw, wild, abundant energy that we share with the animal world, into a pure, divine, and artistic form.
But in order to conduct this alchemy effectively we need to follow certain core principles when it comes to our precious energy:

Energy preservation

We’d better avoid wasting it for unnecessary causes, like excessive sexual interactions just the sake of our own pleasure. Instead, such interactions can be used to raise the energy up as opposed to draining it

Energy awareness

We should become more conscious about the flow of energy in our bodies. Is there a palpable sense of aliveness in our bodies? Are we able to precisely identify where we feel it in the physical and subtle bodies? Is it flowing or is it stuck? Is it more concentrated in the upper body or the lower body? What are the triggers for the change in any of these factors? There is no wrong or shameful answer to these questions, the most important thing is to understand where we are to be able to use it as a valid starting point in the process of alchemy. Pranayama can be used as a useful tool to start feeling the energetic fluctuations in the body.

Energy release

Once we are aware of our energy flow, we should be careful not to over accumulate it in our bodies (especially in the lower chakras). It might cause restlessness and tension, and as a result the leak of the energy through the excessive physical workouts, sexual adventures, looking for troubles, and even strong emotions like anger and resentment.

Energy sublimation

Once we stop wasting our energy, it’s important to raise it to the higher chakras, and exchange it with the world from that level, in the form of creativity, charisma, altruism, and kindness

The aim of tantra is to heighten the state of consciousness, to make a lustful, detached, egocentric human who only serves the mind ‘s perpetual wishes and desires, into a present, connected, harmonious, and loving one, who serves the Soul, and not only their own but the souls of others too. It also transforms the state of an animal’s desire to procreate into the state of an artist’s exhilaration to create.

Tantra like yoga is one of the paths to know yourself, which in the case of tantra can be achieved through awakening the Kundalini and raising it to the level where it takes form of the unconditional Love. And this Love has nothing to do with what we call love in the everyday language. 
Same as making Love, that is a powerful tool used in tantra has nothing to do with what we normally mean by it.

This overview of Tantra by no means can be called the universal truth, but rather what i managed to comprehend in this short period of time, plus, some intuitive insights applied on top.

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